Atelier organisé par Eloi Ficquet

The scholarly adventures of the d’Abbadie brothers (Antoine and Arnauld) in 1840s Ethiopia

Half-day workshop organized in partnership between :  Centre d’études en sciences sociales du religieux (CéSor : EHESS, CNRS) ; Programme ANR-DFG ETHIOMAP (EHESS, CFEE, Erfurt Universität) ; Institut des Mondes Africains (IMAF : CNRS, IRD, Université Paris 1, EPHE, EHESS) ; Centre Français des Etudes Ethiopiennes (UMIFRE CNRS, MAEDI)


On: Tuesday 5 avril 2016, 14:00 to 19:00

At : EHESS, 190-198 avenue de France, salle Vernant (8e étage)

14:00    Eloi Ficquet (EHESS, CéSor / programme Ethiomap ANR-DFG)

“The published and unpublished works of Antoine et Arnauld d’Abbadie. State of recent and current research.”

14:30     Shiferaw Bekele (Addis Ababa University) :

“Ethiopian Oral History as Collected by Arnauld d’Abbadie.”

15:00     Eloi Ficquet (EHESS, CéSor / Ethiomap ANR-DFG ) :

“An overview of the notes and records of Arnauld d’Abbadie on North-Ethiopian customary law.”

15:30     Mohammed Hassen Ali (Georgia State University, Atlanta; Oromo Studies Association)  :

“The Importance of Antoine d’Abbadie’s Records on the Oromo: Yearning for Further Research.”

16:00     Antonella Brita (Hamburg University) and Eloi Ficquet (EHESS) :

“Editing Antoine d’Abbadie’s field notes on the Oromo.”

16:30     coffee break

17:00     Anaïs Wion (CNRS, IMAF) :

“The Ethiopian manuscripts collection of Antoine d’Abbadie: Collective aspects of the project and its structural effects on Ethiopian studies.”

17:30     Eloi Ficquet (EHESS, CéSor / Ethiomap ANR-DFG ) :

“Two neglected sources on Ethiopian historical geography: the ‘Géodésie’ and the ‘Geography’ of Antoine d’Abbadie.”

18:00     Fesseha Berhe (Mekele University, EHESS / Ethiomap ANR-DFG) :

“Understanding the history of Tigray through the eyes and hears of the d’Abbadie brothers.”

18:30     Conclusions





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