The Ritual Drama Between East and West. Ritual staging Societies and Cultural Heritage

International Workshop

10-11th December 2018

University of Bordeaux Amphithéâtre Denucé
3 Ter place de la Victoire 33076 Bordeaux Cedex


Organizing committee: Claudine Gauthier (PR, UB-IIAC-LAHIC, EHESS, Paris), Laurence Donia Kotobi (Assistant Professor HDR, UB), Dorothée Ben Raal (UB)

Free participation to the scientific event according to the number of places available.
You must use the links below for on-line registration for each day: Reservations 10/12/2018: Reservations 11/12/2018:

Scientific committee: Alberto Cantera (PR, Freie universität of Berlin), Claudine Gauthier (PR, UB/ IIAC-LAHIC, EHESS, Paris), Laurence Donia Kotobi (MCF HC HDR, UB/ UMR Passages CNRS), Aliasghar Maghsoudi (Research deputy, Research Center for Islamic and Iranian Culture), Shahid Bahonar (University of Kerman), Céline Redard (Research officer, SOAS, university of London), Sepideh Parsapajouh, (Senior Research officer, CNRS, CéSor, EHESS, Paris), Mohammad Reza Sarfi (PR, Research Center for Islamic and Iranian Culture, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman)

This two-day international workshop is cofunded by the Faculty of social anthropology/ethnology of the university of Bordeaux (France) and the Research Center for Islamic and Iranian Culture at the Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman (Iran); with the participation of the Laboratoire d’ethnologie et de sociologie comparative (LESC) of the university of Paris Nanterre; the Centre d’études en sciences sociales du religieux (CéSor; EHESS-CNRS, Paris); the School for Oriental and African studies of the university of London (SOAS);  the Institut interdisciplinaire d’anthropologie du contemporain (IIAC-LAHIC, UMR 8177, CNRS-EHESS, Paris) and of the French embassy in Iran.

Monday, 10th of December 2018

9h00: Welcome of the participants
9h15: Virginie Postal-Le Dorse (Head of the College of Man sciences, UB): Welcome and Introduction
9h30: Camille Cholet (Responsible for the students mobility at the UB): The international cooperation between the university of Bordeaux and the Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman.
9h45: Claudine Gauthier (PR UB, IIAC-LAHIC): “Ritual staging, cultural heritage and societies. An introduction to the international workshop”

Session 1: Ritual staging and preislamic cultural heritage

Chairman Pr. Alberto Cantera (Freie universität of Berlin)
10h00: Céline Redard (Research officer SOAS, university of London): “Implications for the ritual when the same text is used in different ceremonies: the case of Y3-8”
11h00: Coffee Break
11h15: Miguel-Angel Andres-Toledo (PR, university of Salamanca): “A Hygienic Drama: Social Implications of the Zoroastrian barəšnūm Ceremony”
12h15: Discussing with the audience
12h45: Lunch

Session 2: Features and rituals

Chairman Dr. Sepideh Parsapajouh (CNRS, CéSor)
14h00: Alberto Cantera (PR, Freie universität of Berlin) “From a dramatized encounter with the divinity to an (almost) static ritual: the evolution of the Long Liturgy”
15h00: Laurence Donia Kotobi (Assistant Professor, UB): “The mourning of Ashoura in Tehran through the eyes of a french-iranian woman who is an anthropologist”
15h45: Coffee break
16h00: Dr. Yadollah Aghaabbasi and Dr. Aliasghar Maghsoudi (Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman): “The use of Iranian Drama’s techniques in the ritual staging of Ashoura”
18h30: Discussing with the audience
19h30: Dinner

Tuesday, 11th of December 2018

9h45: Welcome of the participants

Session 3: the staging of Ashoura in today’s world

Chairman Miguel-Angel Andres-Toledo (PR, university of Salamanca)
10h00: Sepideh Parsapajouh (Senior Research officer, CNRS, CéSor): “Ashura between legend, tradition and modernity. Some discussions on changes of the place of women in Muharram’s rituals in Tehran”
11h00: Coffee break
11h15: Sara Kalantari (PhD candidate at the University of Paris Nanterre, LESC): “Reincarnation of Karbala drama in the Iraqo-Iranian war songs”
12h15: Discussing with the audience
12h45: Lunch

Session 4 : Christian dramas

Chairman Dr. Laurence Kotobi (UB)
14h15: Katy Bernard (Assistant Professor, university of Bordeaux-Montaigne) :
« Drame rituel, fin’amor et mariage : pour une analyse des unions des héros de Frayre de Joy e Sor de Plaser et de Jaufre » (speech in French with a translation in Persian)
15h15: Coffee break
15h30: Hélène Zwilgenstein (Associate researcher, CéSor): « Drame pascal et poïétique rituelle à Séville » (speech in French with a translation in Persian)
16h30: Claudine Gauthier (PR UB, IIAC-LAHIC): “How to go straight to Paradise?”
17h30: Openings and discussing with the audience

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